Manual: Install optical drive in external case

Manual - Add harddisk to HDD Caddy

Step 1 – Supplies
  • O External optical drive case;
  • O Optical drive;
  • O Bezel (supplied with the casing);
  • O Screws (included);
  • O Power USB cable (included);
  • O Data USB cable (included).
Step 2 - Opening the casing
  • The casing consists of two parts: a top and bottom.
  • Slide the upper side in the opposite direction of the bottom.
  • The top can now be removed from the bottom.
Step 3 - Connection
  • The connection looks like this. In this case, it is a SATA connector. We also have a PATA/IDE version in our assortment. This looks different. The SATA connector is required for newer laptops.
Step 4 - Connecting the optical drive
  • The optical drive is connected by pressing the PCB. The PCB fits one way. Make sure not to damage the PCB - for example, by pressing down too hard causing the sides to break off.
Step 5 – Placing the front of the HDD Caddy places
  • Work from left to right. The cover will not fit well otherwise.

  • Press the tab on the left into the hole in the HDD caddy. If it is secure, press the front down on the other side.

  • Is anything unclear? We have set up a manual on how to place bezel!

Step 6 – Placing the optical drive into the casing
  • Place the optical drive in the bottom of the casing.

  • There are two tabs on the bottom of the casing with a small hole in them. Make sure that the tabs are between the PCB and the optical drive.

Step 7 – Placing the top
  • Put the top back on and slide the top and bottom in the opposite direction towards each other.

Step 8 – Fastening the screws
  • As the last step, refasten the screws. There are 2 or 3 depending on the type you have. Connect the cables and the casing is ready for use!