Apple HDD Caddy

With our HDD / SSD Caddies you may replace the internal optical drive of your Apple (MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini) for an extra hard drive (HDD) or Solid-state drive (SSD). Our HDD Caddies are made of aluminum and therefore the quality is excellent. To install the drive in the HDD Caddy you'll get a mini screwdriver for free. If desired you can still use the internal DVD player (SuperDrive). We have external USB optical drive enclosures. There're very useful if you sometimes need a DVD player.

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Yes we know, we sell a lot of HDD Caddy's for Acer laptops. Therefore, a tip to find your HDD Caddy quickly: use the keyboard combination 'Ctrl + F' and type the first letters of your laptop type.

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Don't worry! Contact us and we'll find the right HDD Caddy for you! Mostly it's available from stock!

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53 Item(s)

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